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HHO Generators: Fuel Costs And Economy


         HHO Generators. HHO Generators are the most fuel efficient choice for your vehicle. HHO Generators improve gas mileage, reduce emissions, increase horsepower, and even clean the internal workings of your engine. For pennies on the dollar, Americans are finding out that hho generators save on fuel costs on their existing vehicles without the high costs of purchasing a new vehicle. HHO generators are the most cost effective choice for your car, pickup truck, suv, van, box truck, delivery truck, semi-truck, or even boats.

          HHO Generators. The results of the latest Consumer Expediture Survey demonstrate that Americans are swamped with fuel expenditures. In the 2013 Survey, the latest completed results are from 2011. These results demonstrate that the average American spends $3500 in automotive fuel costs annually.

          But Generators HHO is pointing to the fuel savings of 20% to 50% through an on demand hydrogen assist system installed on any gasoline or diesel fuel vehicle.

         An average commercial truck can easily cost $70,000 in fuel expenses annually. But Generators HHO highlights the fact an on demand hydrogen assist system installed on a diesel semi-truck provides 10% to 15% of fuel savings.

         With cars, pickup trucks, vans, and suvs, Generators HHO saves 20% to 50% in fuel costs, year after year, even while increasing horsepower, cleaning your engine, and reducing harmful emissions. The HHO Generators advantage does these things for your vehicle.

HHO Generators: Advantage

         The Generators HHO Advantage ensures the best horsepower, MPG, and emissions for your existing car, pickup truck, suv, or semi-truck. And what’s more, engines run more coolly, more cleanly, and need less frequent oil changes with the Generators HHO Advantage.

1. Reduced Emissions (major reductions in hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide emissions).

2. Improved MPG

3. Cleaner Engine

4. Fewer Oil Changes Needed

5. Increased Horsepower

6. Do It Yourself (DIY)– No Mechanic Required–Simple Installation

7. A Complete System With Everything You Need for A Successful Installation

How HHO Generators Work

         HHO Generators work by electrolysis to add hydrogen and oxygen, oxyhydrogen, gases to the fuel mix. The oxyhydrogen, also called HHO, both increases the efficiency of the fuel burn and acts as a catalyst to increase the fuel burning efficiency of the engine.

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